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About Secratic

Secratic was built on the premise that a strong bridge between information security, privacy, and the broader organization can help businesses not only succeed but flourish. By providing strategic security and privacy advisory to growing companies through the benefit of decades of real-world, global, enterprise experience, we help our clients find the right balance in concert with the business at hand.

We spend ample time getting to know your organization and use the insights you share with us to give contextual, informed guidance on topics such as risks and compliance and incident response, and to ensure that your security and privacy programs properly align with your business needs.

Our Story

Secratic formally began in 2018, but the expertise within it goes back more than 25 years. The idea that only larger enterprises need expertise in security and privacy has been well and truly dispelled, and it was our desire and our mission to bring our global experience to organizations of all shapes and sizes, and help those companies, that need it as much if not more than larger counterparts, can set up and operate a security and/or privacy program, or individual projects that make them less susceptible to and more prepared for an attack, a breach, a compromise, and the regulations that they are subject to.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring to companies of all sizes and shape the same security, privacy and critical thinking using the same approaches and knowledge that the most mature enterprises use to protect their data and assets, and those of their customers and users.

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