Your company makes awesome stuff.

Make sure it is protected.

Bringing the experience of global, enterprise security and privacy programs to companies of all sizes

As your company continues to grow, or as you start your foray into bringing more technology into your company, you will likely have security and privacy questions. Secratic strives to get to know your company well and be available when you need us to answer those questions, taking your specific company, industry, customer base into account when doing so.

All the most important topics in security and privacy

Everything from building security and privacy into your technology stack and development process to training your staff to be aware of phishing attacks and how to operate online safely and everything in between, Secratic will be the CISO or CPO that you need based on the stage of your company.

For example:

  • Application development security and network security – at the tech and processes you use.
  • Embedding security and privacy into the business’ culture
  • Identity & access management, both for employee systems and your customer-facing products
  • Incident response plans (before the incident happens) and triage (when something happens, with referral to an IR firm to do the heavy technical parts of IR)
  • Investor/Board security and privacy enlightenment and communications
  • Measurement and tracking of risks your business decides to fix (or not)
  • Employee security and privacy awareness campaigns, including phishing
  • Security and privacy team organisation design, including job descriptions and interview questions

Not quite ready for a full-time security or privacy team?

We’ve got you covered. Secratic has lots of experience across most security, privacy and risk topics. The initial security evaluation takes a few weeks to figure out what’s working right and what needs some help. Then we continue to be available for your ongoing security questions or specific project work, taking on a place as part of your extended staff.  As you continue to ramp up your company and become ready for a full time, or a larger security or privacy team, we will help you get those roles defined and through the hiring process.

We’ll stick around for a while too

After our initial look around, our CISO-as-a-Service and Privacy Officer-as-a-Service models give you the level of help you need to guide the implementation of the necessary security elements, specific to your needs. Secratic will continue “on-demand” to help with security or privacy questions, issues or recommendations as needed. We get to know your company, staff, and products well so that we can make informed recommendations that are based on the specifics of your business.

Our goal

Our goal is to bring to companies of all sizes and shape the same security, privacy and critical thinking using the same approaches and knowledge that the most mature enterprises use to protect their data and assets, and those of their customers and users.

For more details

If this sounds like something that might be of interest to you, or if you want more details in the context of your specific company, please use the Contact Us form to let us know.