We mentor technologists to help transform them into your next security and privacy leaders. Through 1:1 coaching and mentoring, presentation reviews and on-demand advice, overcome the talent shortage and grow from within your organization.

As you develop your security or privacy program, you may decide to hire a full-time CISO or CPO for your organisation/institution. Often, this may be a technical leader who is strong at technology, security or privacy fundamentals, but new to the level of business involvement key to the success of such a C-level security or privacy role. Secratic can work with your existing business and technology leadership to define the CISO or CPO role, identify key business skills needed and actively mentor your newly hired CISO or CPO and ensure s/he is able to integrate well into the organisation.

Alternatively, if you have a strong business-focused leader as future CISO or CPO, but would like mentorship to augment the technical, policy and risk mindsets required to be a successful security or privacy leader, Secratic can provide this specific mentorship and education as well to ensure the new leader will be as successful as possible.