Webinar Replay: How to Build a Privacy Program

Earlier today, Secratic hosted the second in our webinar series entitled “How to Build a Privacy Program.” In this session, we covered the basics of a privacy program, things to consider when thinking about how to approach the process and resources that are of use in building and maintaining your program. This program was focused on small/medium businesses but is applicable to programs of all sizes.



We hope this is useful to organisations that are contemplating starting or maturing their privacy program.

Secratic is ready to help you with numerous aspects including development of the overall program approach, board/leadership communications, governance processes, awareness and communications campaigns, data flow analysis, personal information security assessment, statutory process (rights to be forgotten, informed, download and correct information about a data subject) design and implementation and more.

Please use the Contact Us page on this site or email info@secratic.com, and we will get right back to you. If you are interested in having Secratic help you, please email info@secratic.com.

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