New Site, Same Secratic

We’ve got a new site, but nothing has changed about our commitment to security and privacy, and how we go about bringing both topics to our clients.

When we spun up Secratic in September of 2018, it was with the idea that we would take some ideas about what we wanted to see the business be, use a lot of stock photography to fill out our pages, and see how things evolved.

Now, we are one year later and we have seen some trends that allowed us to better understand the types of advice and guidance that customers want from Secratic, and we are reflecting that on our site.

First, the idea of a CISO or CPO-as-a-Service is one that makes sense to many companies, but there are way more that are just getting to the point of asking “what do we do about x?” where x is a current, pressing and significant security or privacy concern. Those companies are not in need of a strategic view at that moment, but rather someone to come in and use their experience and leadership skills to help them get through their current situation, whatever it is.

The types of projects that come up in practice include:

  • Doing some planning work to minimise the impact of things like ransomware, a data breach or other system compromise.
  • And if you just got told you have had one of the above happen (or any other security or privacy incident), we can coordinate the incident and help you get upright again quickly.
  • Reviewing business processes to find security or privacy risks you might not know about and may want to address
  • Working with your colleagues or customers to better educate them on how to be secure in how they use technology both at home and at work, and how privacy figures into our lives today and in the future.
  • Helping to build the right security and privacy job descriptions for a new or evolving security role in your organisation, whether it is at a technologist, practitioner, manager or more senior leader, based on what you actually need and what is realistic in the world.

Once these started coming together, we found commonalities in the projects and created our first marketing brochure. You can download it below if you are interested. And if you have ideas on this list or ways we can help your company more precisely, please email us or fill out the Contact form here on our website.

Services Brochure
Download our projects information brochure

We’ve also tried to make the website a lot more readable for those that are new to Secratic and want to get a quick and accurate idea of what we do, what we bring and why they should choose Secratic to help with their security and privacy programs or projects.

Lastly, we added some preparatory hooks to future features we are working on including a book club for risk professionals, risk leaders and others who just love to grow themselves through reading. A number of our colleagues and partners have contributed book ideas to be shared, and we will get those up very soon. If you have books that have been beneficial to you on security, privacy, general leadership, risk leadership or another topic, please contact us!

There’s a lot more in store for our website, so please keep coming back often. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you and your organisation soon.