Security22/10/2019by Daniel AyalaMentoring in Security

Not a single discussion with security and risk professionals goes by without the topic of job growth, leadership development or the difficulty of getting into the security field coming up. Amongst these discussions, one of the common refrains on how to grow often comes back to mentoring.

Recently Secratic’s Founder, CISO and CPO, Daniel Ayala, moderated a panel at BSides Denver on mentoring in the security industry including a discussion on how panel members got started in mentoring, what they expect as a mentor and as a protégé and lessons learned along the way. This was recorded at Alchemy Security in Denver, on 13 September 2019. Special thanks to Kia Sanders, Chris Abbey and Gene McGowan for bringing their excellent insights and experiences to the panel and to Alchemy Security for hosting the day.

You can also find just about every one of Denver BSides other very interesting and informative talks in this YouTube playlist.